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2013-10-21 08:51 pm

A story im writing called: Ready Set Score

How to read it. It's a draft its going to read like a comic or manga ( for some people )

Sasuke, Girl 6th Yui, Girl 5th Nagisa, Girl 6th Lee,Boy 5th Rin, Boy 6th Yukki, Girl 6th Ryu, Boy 6th.

The #'s are the grades 5th and 6th are together
and Teacher Girl. Basically who evers name you see like this blah: .There Talking So Make Up Fake Voices Or Something Or there doing something like *Huff* (Breathing hard). Ok time to start

Sasuke: * Huff,Huff,Huff.* Yui: Sasuke slow down *Huff* please. Sasuke:Comes to a holt.
Yui: * Huff,Huff*. Sasuke: Think you can catch up. Yui:* Gets mad * Like I an't keep up.
*Yui starts running ahead* Sasuke: *starts running*. Nagisa: Sasuke, Yui already came by
Sasuke: I know I'm not stupid Nagisa. Nagisa:*smiles* *chuckles* Your so hard to get sometimes. Lee: Yui wait up. Please. Stop